Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage promotes  blood circulation, moving metabolic, and helps the nervous system by relaxation. Swedish Massage can be therapeutic for recovery as well. Most common chosen Massage for the lighter pressure, and slow longer strokes.  Swedish massage usually is incorporated with warm oil, and hot stones to relax soft tissue.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage can be beneficial for relaxation, insomnia, joint pain, leg cramps, and neck and back pain. Prenatal massage is very beneficial for those who suffer from Sciatic nerve pain, and lower back pain. The client usually is side-lined for a prenatal (laying on side), and is given over sized pillows for comfort. Prenatal massage is recommended after first trimester. Getting permission from your doctor or physician is recommended before receiving a prenatal massage.

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage is similar to Swedish but deep tissue massage focuses more on the deeper layer of muscles, and muscle stiffness. Direct pressure is applied with arms or elbows, and fingers to reach depth. Deep Tissue can be relaxing if Swedish Massage techniques are applied.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is for preventing injury's, and promoting flexibility. Sports Massage is for any person. If your are sit, walk, run, hike, play sports, or go to the gym then Sports Massage is for you. A variety of stokes used, and muscle work. Sports massage is recommend for post sports, and heavy endurance training

Couple Massage

Popular for Anniversaries, Birthdays, and newlyweds, Valentines Day. Couples are in the same room with table side by side. Couples can still request the massage of their own choice. The benefit of a couples massage can be taking a brake from children to have time with each other, healthy living, calmness, or trying something different on date night. In a couples massage therapist will use hot stones, and warm oil to soothe muscles.


When applied to a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Sports massage PNF stretching can increase mobility, flexibility, also improving range of motion.Stretching can help improve shoulder issues (static stickyness), and also improve lower back tightness, and hamstrings where major muscles have shortened from not being properly stretched. When muscles or joints become less used then stiffness takes over, and injuries can happen, Stretching prevents injury, and stiffness in muscles. 

Hot Stone Massage

Stone massage is a technique in which Balsamic stones ( smooth stones) are heated and lathered with warm massage oil. The warm stones are moved across the clients back, and rolled around the neck and shoulders. Hot stones can be incorporated in almost any massage. A full body hot stone massage would include arms, legs, and hands.


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