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Lancaster, Ca. 93534

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Welcome to Refined Massage, and welcome back to mindful wellness. We are doing our best in post pandemic society. Massage Therapist are required to wear face masks at all times; throughout building, and in sessions. Thorough sanitation of premises are required daily, and rooms are cleaned under guidelines of California State Massage Therapy Council. Face masks are mandatory in the building at all times. Requiring a proof of Vaccination or a Test is not required. We ask that if you have symptoms that fall under Covid or Omcros or have been in contact with anyone testing positive that you first get tested before booking a appointment. We appreciate it!

Thank you and Good Health to you!


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E-Cards, and Gift Certificates  can be purchased thru website. We are conveniently located on the border on L-12 and 10th St West, and adjacent to the 14th Freeway. 

Massage Fees

60 Minutes 


90 Minutes 


120 Minutes ( 2 hours )


Thai Herbal Compression Balms

$30.00  Added to session


$85.00 60 Minute

$100.00 90 Minute


What Clients Say

"I have arthritis in my shoulders and they can really be in a lot of pain and she does her magic, and I feel great! Hot stone massage is the bomb"

Denise B.

"Rates are the best in the AV and she never charges wxtra for hot stones therapy and aroma therapy"

Cynthia T.